On Severed Hands and Heroes

This past week we launched a new project called “the seenworks” to tell stories of God’s faithful servants throughout the world doing good work for His kingdom, at great sacrifice to their own.  The purpose is both to raise awareness of these works to increase involvement, but also to encourage believers to follow in their […]

Kingdom Building- (guest post by Jared Davis)

My good friend Jared and I are preparing for  a two week trip to Mexico.  Below is a bit written by Jared touching on the intent, not only of this trip, but the reason for the focus on the Kingdom of God on this blog, as well as, increasingly, all that we do. “Kingdom building” […]

Elpis Ministries- a preview

This past September I had the complete honor of visiting a group of Filipina missionaries living and serving the Lord in Mae Sot, Thailand.  They work with migrant and refugee children from neighboring Myanmar (Burma).  These children are the poorest of the poor, and their families are fleeing economic hardship and political oppression in their […]

North Korea Peace- Balloon Launch

In North Korea nearly one quarter of the population is starving. Most international food aid is confiscated by the government and never reaches civilians. Starving and isolated, they are left without help, and without hope. One pair of socks can be sold to purchase about 10 kilos of corn, enough to feed an adult for […]